Part II: Connecting Heart With Your Higher Self with Deb

Date: Sat 9/8/2018
From: 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Wake Up To Life: Exploring the Chakras
In these two workshops, we explore the energy centers of the body, the seven chakras, in a full sensory experience. There will be movement through yoga postures, color, sound vibration and mantra. We will be using essential oils specifically selected to ground and awaken, to bring increased awareness to the chakras in order to heal and balance the heart, mind and body. With these practices, we gain improved awareness of what we need for optimum health and vitality resulting in a greater connection to our power and joy. The workshops can be taken individually or in succession.
Facilitated by Deb McGonnell, RYT500, Holy Fire Reiki Master and Laura Searles, RYT200, Essential Oils Educator

PART II: "Connecting Heart With Your Higher Self"
September 8th 3:30-5:00pm | Chakras 4-7
In our second workshop, we take a look at chakras four through seven; these begin with opening the heart and finding balance, accessing our voices, finding the wisdom of intuition and connecting with Universal Energy. Specific asanas for each center, sound and mantra, selected scents and meditation will be used to open to the wholeness of our potential. The session will conclude with a long savasana and reiki.

All levels of practice are welcome. $60 if you register for both workshops in the session / $35 for one workshop.

Release, Restore, Reconnect: Restorative Yoga & Reiki with Anna

Date: Sun 9/16/2018
From: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Come join us for an afternoon of relaxation as we combine the healing powers of reiki with restorative yoga by candlelight. Reiki is a subtle hands-on healing technique that moves energy in the body to places where it is needed the most. While restorative yoga helps ease the mind as we practice “being” in poses for longer. Anna, both a certified yoga instructor and reiki master, will guide you through a releasing restorative practice supported by bolsters and blocks so that you can find complete surrender. While you are resting in the postures, she will use reiki energy to remove blockages in the body and open up the energetic channels. This combination will allow for total relaxation and you will leave feeling reconnected and refreshed!
This workshop is limited to 9 spaces. Reserve now!